Excerpts from my forthcoming book

Here are some extracts from my upcoming book, called ‘How Wonderful: getting into Mindfulness and out of Anxiety & Depression’. Twenty years ago I was a very depressed, isolated, heavy drinker who struggled through life and thought a lot about death. After a couple of decades of trying to figure out who I was, I am now a happily married performance poet who runs mindfulness sessions at a local health retreat.

I’m still a work in progress, but after twenty years I can look back and see what helped me the most. Again and again what proved most useful was mindfulness.

Being aware of what’s going on is the basis for changing how I respond to life. Every time I learnt more about mindfulness it improved my life in some way.

This book is me trying to share that experience of waking up, with you the reader, in the hope that it might help, inspire or entertain, depending on what you’re after.
Here are six extracts from the book. Feedback is requested and manners are appreciated.


1: explaining the title

2: Yoga

3: Buddhism

4: Psychedelic therapy

5: Relationship

6: Facing the past

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