Performance Poetry

The Mindfulness Poet uses story telling and performance poetry for an entertaining and thoughtful show full of laughter and insights. He’s performed at music festivals, at yoga retreats, in pubs and cafes and in people’s houses, and every time the audience engages. The power of performance creates a unique and intimate space of mindfulness, and in that space we sometimes find answers or inspiration.

Performance Poetry - The Mindfulness Poet

Brendan draws on his life experience of navigating the ups and downs of life to present a show that has laughter as well as reflection. He talks about he deals with life’s ups and downs and celebrates how awareness transforms life into something with promise and purpose.

Mindfulness is Brendan’s passion and he has explored it in many ways. He was a Buddhist monk for six years, and has trained as a yoga teacher and as a counsellor.

He brings that passion and his experiences to his performances to give the audience a new look at mindfulness. Brendan has discovered that telling stories and poems creates a mindful space just like meditation and yoga does. It’s a great way for people to experience mindfulness without having to meditate or do yoga.

I have discovered that telling stories and poems creates a mindful space just like meditation and yoga does.

Brendan O’Shea – The Mindfulness Poet

Brendan’s experience of different forms of mindfulness over the years has helped make his life much better, and he shares this insight in a fun, light-hearted way.

If you say the words ‘a show about poetry’ some people are filled with dread. Maybe they have flashbacks from school of painful poetry experiences. Performance poetry, however, is like a piece of theatre. It’s all about telling a story that conveys the meaning as well as the emotion.

When Brendan first started performing poetry he noticed a wonderful thing: Human beings become very mindful when they listen to a story. Poetry can help bring stillness to the mind, take us into awareness of the body and connect us to deep emotions that bring passion and energy back into our lives.

Best of all the Mindfulness Poet does all the work! You just sit back and enjoy! It’s all about bringing Mindfulness to life.

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