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It’s quicker than yoga, easier than meditation and cheaper than therapy. It’s all about bringing mindfulness to life.

Performance Poetry

Performance Poetry - The mindfulness Poet

The Mindfulness Poet uses story telling and performance poetry for an entertaining and thoughtful show full of laughter and insights. Telling stories and poems creates a mindful space just like meditation and yoga does. Read More >

Improvisation Therapy

Improvisation Therapy was developed at a mental health retreat on the Sunshine Coast, and is designed to help develop mindfulness. It’s a safe but unpredictable space where we can practice being present in the moment instead of getting lost in our old habits. Read More >

Seeds of Change

The Book of The Mindfulness Poet

British singer-songwriter Emily Maguire and The Mindfulness Poet Brendan O’Shea join forces to present a unique performance of inspiring songs, stories and performance poetry designed to enlighten and entertain in equal measure. Read More >