The Mindfulness Poet chats with Sheridan Stewart on ‘Mindfulness Mondays’, ABC Radio Sunshine Coast.

Mindfulness in daily life

Sheridan and I chat about tie-dyed T-shirts, my years as a monk and we discuss applying mindfulness in daily life. I explain how creativity is an excellent anti-depressant and share a poem called ‘Puzzle’ about my mother by way of example.

Broadcast on 25.1.2021

Transforming anxiety into adventure

We discuss a simple three-breath mindfulness technique and talk about how anxiety can be found in the body. I tell a story and the poem ‘Ghost of Worry’ about transforming anxiety into something useful.

Broadcast on 22.2.21

Slowing Down on Your Quest

Sheridan and I discuss slowing down while driving in rainy weather and then talk about slowing down our lives. One reason being busy is so addictive is that it’s a way of avoiding feelings of anxiety. An alternative way to dealing with feelings of anxiety is to create a story and make anxiety a character in the story. I wrote my poem Emerald Knight as a way to deal with my emotions using my imagination.

Broadcast on 22.3.2021

I’m a Mosaic of everyone I’ve ever loved

I tell Sheridan about striking poetry gold while wasting time on social media. We discuss how we are made up of all the people we’ve ever met who’ve touched us in some way. I share my poem ‘Mosaic’ which was inspired by the idea of how I am connected to others.

Broadcast on 19.04.21