Performance highlights in one video! Three performances showcasing the skills of Mindfulness Poet. (The poems used are “Megan Megan the Angry Vegan”, “Wizards” and “Tales of the Rainbow Gnome.”) See all my videos on Mindfulness Poet YouTube Channel.



Tales of the Rainbow Gnome

The title track of the album here performed at night in a Brisbane backyard. I’m surrounded by my mate Andy’s musical gear which makes me look terribly rock and roll.

Guru Blues in the backyard

A night time backyard performance of Guru Blues.

If you like this, check out the studio version, masterminded by Andy Copeman. He’s the gentleman pondering the equipment in the background while I recite.

Lonely Ghost appears at Maleny Music Festival 2017 Chill Out Tent.

An afternoon poetry recital at the Maleny Music Festival, in Andy and Laurel’s chill out space. What could be more delightful?