Seeds of Change

British singer-songwriter Emily Maguire and The Mindfulness Poet Brendan O’Shea join forces to present a unique performance of inspiring songs, stories and performance poetry designed to enlighten and entertain in equal measure.

Emily is known in the UK for her hauntingly beautiful songs ‘bathed in raw emotional power’ (Guitarist Magazine) and for her award-winning work promoting music for mental health. Brendan uses his background as a Buddhist monk and yoga teacher to engage audiences across Australia with his humorous and uplifting take on mindfulness.

Both are mental health survivors with their own tale of recovery from the darkness of depression. Both are passionate about our human potential for transcending that darkness through creativity. Both have extensive experience of Buddhist meditation practice.

Mindfulness Poet interviewed on ABC Radio about ‘Seeds of Change’.

With compassion, wit and gentle wisdom, Brendan and Emily take their audience on a journey of the mind, through words, music and mindfulness, to deepen their listeners’ understanding of what mental health really means and to inspire them to regain their own profound sense of wellbeing.


The performance lasts for an hour and can include a Q&A at the end. A PA can be provided if necessary. We can also offer a 15-minute sound immersion as part of the show – a deep state of relaxation induced by the sound of bells and Tibetan singing bowls.

To book a SEEDS OF CHANGE performance for your group or centre, please contact or If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch. Find out more about Brendan and Emily.


ABOUT BRENDAN – “I regularly hold Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats and am always looking for ways in which participants can take these teachings into their everyday life. Enter Brendan O’Shea the Mindfulness poet, and what a treat of a show you shall receive. We were all entertained and engaged from beginning until completion, humour, wit, insight, love, compassion and the rawness of all that life brings Brendan wove into his show quite magically. To see the light in the women’s eyes at the completion, and to hear how they gained some further insight into what we had been sharing over the retreat was a true privilege. I highly recommend Brendan and his very experienced body of work, he shall be returning to the Healing Space again and again.” [Melissa Borich, Owner/Operator of Melissa’s Healing Space] ABOUT

EMILY – “It was just superb. Thank you for coming, playing such beautiful songs and talking about your experience of your own mental health and recovery. Your music is magical and hearing your recovery told through your songs was an incredible experience.” [Jules Pflaum, Occupational Therapist, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust]