Maleny Moments Audio Album


The audio album of ‘Maleny Moments’, a Mindfulness Poet show of poetry and stories, based on adventures in his home town of Maleny.

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All the poems and stories from the show ‘Maleny Moments’, the Mindfulness Poet’s show about his hometown, Maleny and the connections he’s made living there. Poems include ‘Megan Megan the Angry Vegan’, ‘New Age Blend’ (the saga of Wayne the suburban shaman) and ‘Remember to Smile’, a tribute to a much-loved Maleny local called Magik Col.

Come on an entertaining romp about being part of a colourful little country town. Warning: may provoke laughter.

The download file is a ZIP file. It will uncompress and give you the album MP3 sound files. After that it’s up to you.


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