Poet for hire

The Mindfulness Poet is at your service for your events and special occasions. The Mindfulness Poet uses story telling and performance poetry for an entertaining and thoughtful show that inspires smiles and insights.

The Mindfulness Poet can work with you to create a unique show for your event, or you can choose from the shows we’ve already developed, listed below. The latest show is:

Creating Change from Within

A unique approach to personal development, this 90 minute show (with intermission break and sound immersion segment) talks about why “inner change” is a good idea and gives examples from the Mindfulness Poet’s life as to what those changes meant for him.

A great introduction to “personal development” in general, with a lot of wry observations for people of all levels of experience. (Souvenir booklet available for purchase.)

Contact Mindfulness Poet via email (hello@mindfulnesspoet.com.au) or send me a message on 0422 885 954.

Sex, Love & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about more than curing depression and getting to work on time. Mindfulness is about experiencing life, and especially enjoying the good bits! Come on a journey of words into sex, relationship and enjoying life again. 90 minute show (including intermission) that always gets plenty of laughs and insights. (Souvenir booklet available for purchase.)

Looking for Mindfulness in all the wrong places

Based on Mindfulness Poet’s life story, this is about my search for inner peace and all the wrong turns I took on the way! Plenty of ideas to help you on your journey as well as some cautionary tales about things to avoid.

This show has played everywhere from cafes to art-centres to verandahs. The universal theme of wanting a good life means the poems and stories reach everyone.

(Souvenir booklet available for purchase.)

Interested? Intrigued?

Contact the Mindfulness Poet to talk about booking one of these shows or to discuss a unique show for your event. Mindfulness Poet can do anything from a couple of 15-minute sets or an hour show, all the way up to being Master of Ceremonies at your event. Contact me and let’s see what we can create to make your event truly memorable.