World Above the Waves

Clambering into the crystal chamber,
the grotto beneath the sea bed,
Where dwells the beautiful sea nymph Kallaydees and her husband,
Master of the Dead.

Faery lights sparkle in mineral facets,
the heart garden of old mother earth.
And she whispers in echos of cystalline splendour
of love, of healing, of birth.

Such ones as glimpse the heart garden
and hear the whispers of the crystals
become fey and wistful overtime,
living in a memory both fair and dismal.

Such ones as follow the whispers
never come back, even when they return;
they wish for things they cannot name
and a vision they cannot spurn.

Such ones as bring a vision back
to this world above the waves
ease the suffering of the wounded,
but they tire of the pleasures that they once craved.

Oh save me from my faery longings
that would make of me a restless changeling.
Give me a warm bed and my lover,
a moment of stillness in a world that keeps changing.