Tales of the Rainbow Gnome

Behold! Emerging from the Forest!
Why, it is a Rainbow Gnome!
With psychadelic pigtails and tie-dyed smock
in his leafy tree-green home.

He was full of tall tales of a temple
made of crystal with web-thin silver spires,
filled with lights of all colours, the most marvellous songs
and the very smell of the gods’ campfires.

The Temple is made of shadow and candle-light
and beautiful, fractal geometry.
The pillars are music, the walls are made by the plants,
and the windows are your personal astrology.

Seekers come and pray to the goddess here
“Oh, grant me magic and intuition,
for I am bone weary of straight sharp lines
and soul-less repetition.”

And the Goddess obliges! and ensnares them in surreal sabotage
of quite ridiculous length.
Until finally they can yield and enter the crucible
that transforms weakness into strength.

And in the crucible’s alchemical flames,
can you hear that triumphant laugh?
That audacious call to walk naked,
down your spiralling inner path?

To stare into deep dark crazy eyes,
like reflections of forever,
while the black wind roars amidst the flames,
amidst the wasteland, amidst the terror.

And I got lost – I could not find myself.
I forgot my heart’s intention.
I became a victim in a world without meaning,
that scorned beauty and mocked redemption.

It felt like lifetimes that I was trapped
in my miserable loops of thought,
until a kindly word, that was finally heard,
gave me what I sought.

I was free from fear; and the world was shaped
exactly as I pleased.
The wasteland became a garden.
The black wind? A gentle breeze.

I soared amongst the light of stars,
I danced with my ancestral selves.
Drank divine nectar with the gods on Olympus
and shared ambrosia with the elves.

I glimpsed elemental fractal leviathans
breaching the boundaries of sanity.
Saw the mandelbrot meanderings of the field of energy
that constitutes reality.

I met the Godhead, was nursed by Chiron,
I heard the wail of the banshee
the temple was a glowing, singing river of love
that flowed within and without me

And all the shapes and all the sounds,
and all the actors below and above,
Are all part of that which encompasses everything,
the infinite ocean of love.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Grinned the psychadelic Rainbow Gnome
as he vanished back into the trees.
“Surrendering to love let me enjoy being myself.
So come and join me – if you please!”