Stand Firm on Open Air

Rimblebod, the shiniest thing
that ever swam the sea.
Soared in the depths of the ocean,
and knew that he was free.

Damballoon, the shaggiest wretch
that ever swam to land.
Who raged against the tides that he fought all day,
and refused to understand.

Zabathadeez, the craziest monkey
who ever danced in the trees.
All the world for him
a playground to do whatever he so please.

And Balgebra, the sour old hen,
who broods and counts the stones.
Scared of the sunshine she hides in the shade,
where it’s easier to feel alone.

All four of them, for some reason,
have ended up in the sky,
with no assistance from either logic or mystery
to actually understand why.

And so they gaze up at their sky, which is of course full of land,
and stand on nothing but open air.
No call for wrath, nor reason, nor romance;
they’re quite simply happy not to care.

Happy to watch the world from afar,
content to just be with what’s there.
And able to be strong when all strength is gone,
and stand firm on open air.