Karumbah Chud

Karumbah Chud – a demon of rock
with eyes like pits of fire!
Cried out from his cage of heat and dark
for an answer to his Deepest Desire.

He cried out to the souls of light and space
who are too subtle to even carry a name,
and are as sweet as the sound of a small bell’s chime.
Like a waft of smoke the demon’s question came.

From this saintly realm arose curiousity,
a wondering that could not rest,
and it fluttered down, like a leaf, onto the still round pond
at the very heart of The Dream Forest.

On the pond the leaf’s circles ripple out
and come back; and the circles are all awry.
And the answer to a deep desire appears
in the reflections of cloud and sky.

And I sit and watch the pond’s tiny ripples
out the back of the place where I’m staying.
And the “me” that walks this earth can hear the whispers
of what all the other parts of me are saying.