First Year Anniversary

I was spending time in a little country town
on my journey to becoming self aware,
and in the circles I moved in was this wonderful woman
with greeny-blue eyes and scarlet hair.

One thing lead to another and I told her I loved her,
and soon I was spending all my time
discovering this little country town
and this wonderful girl of mine.

Soon I knew so many people that
walking down the street took quite a bit of time.
Things to catch up on and laughs to share
in this little community of mine.

There are secret places in forest hidewaways
where faeries take you to faraway lands.
There’s witches with potions and hippies with notions
and minstrels with magic hands.

And there’s waterholes, rainforest and mountains nearby,
and endless lookouts to admire the view.
And I found out what I liked doing best of all.
It’s spending all day, in bed, with you.

Coming into town starts with a reverse car‑park,
preferably right outside the store.
Don’t bother to lock the car, we’re off for a dessert
that’s vegan, organic and raw

And there are water-dragons in the garden
and parrots squabbling over the feeders.
The afternoon sun backlights the trees;
the gums, the figs and the cedars.

Motorbikes roar down Maple street and caravans
plod up the hill from Landsborough.
We eat dairy-free cake with freetrade coffee and wonder
‘what’s on tonight that we’d prefer?’

Well, A 27 piece balkan gypsy band is playing,
unique and heard by very few
and we could go I suppose… but we’ll probably have a smoke …
and I’ll just… hang out in bed with you.

You’re the best distraction from my morning meditation
and my museli from the co-op.
I end up having decadent brunches of eggs and salmon
and then some more cake and ooh another cup

And as we move from house-sit to house-sit, and from bed to bed we’re hopping,
I hope that you will always be my little gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free muffin
Oh in this town there’s no shortage of things to eat, to see and beautiful music to listen to.
And what I enjoy most of all things… is just being …. in bed …. with you…