Fall in Love

“I want to fall in love” I declared,
But I missed the point to some degree.
I fall in love passionately all the time!
I want someone to fall in love with me!

So whoever you are who’s capable of handling
me and my personalities varied and frantic,
I offer a chance of a lifetime for some vigorous fun
with a middle-aged, long haired romantic.

There’s not many of us left – most fell asleep at their desks;
grew up, put on armour, moved on.
But some of us still dream shy and silly thoughts,
especially when we’re alone.

“I want someone to fall in love with me!”
but part of me worries how will I cope?
will my balloon filled with glee soar to the stars
or fall into a volcano of rancid hope?

I suppose all I can do is hope and smile
and go out and be open and honest,
and pray that I meet the maiden in the castle
and not the wicked witch in the forest.

My friends tell me that I AM loved – by the universe!
So just love the person that you are, I’m told.
Which is very nice, thanks you, that’s terribly sweet;
but I was rather hoping for someone to hold.

So with the philosophy carefully considered
I return to the business of it all.
Staying cheerful at parties and get-togethers,
collecting numbers and wondering “when to call?”

Oh falling in love, it looks so much fun!
And I’ve sorted myself out so much.
So what do you say? It would make my day
if we could meet up for chat and some lunch.

Similar values? Shared interests? I’m wearing clean clothes!
And I’m reasonably domesticated.
I’ve got a good heart and don’t you think having lots of money
is terribly over-rated?

I’d love to take long pointless walks,
just to hold your hand.
And spend time with your friends, who are clearly insane,
because love is just so grand.

Even after all the dating disasters
I still think it’s all worthwhile.
Because I want to be the man you have over for tea
and greet with that beautiful smile.

Hell yeah, I want to fall in love!
Even though I have no idea what it will entail.
But I guarantee it’s meant to be!
With this much enthusiasm it’s not possible to fail!

“I want to fall in love” I declare,
and this is my decree:
“I’m ready to plummet passionately!”
Are you ready to fall for me?