Emerald Knight

Through the forest rode a knight on an errand,
in the service of the Queen of his Court.
Sent to find a magic emerald to heal the King,
he’d ridden for years and was weary at heart.

And a nymph of the Waterfall spied him,
and she wished with this stranger to rest.
And as she made her wish she lightly touched
an emerald on her breast.

So the Knight becomes drowsy and clumsy;
his head nods and sleep shadows fall.
And his horse unbidden makes his way to a river
with a whispering waterfall.

The half asleep Knight saw a beautiful girl,
she seemed to appear from the light.
She bade him “Come bathe in the pool of the waterfall,
in the waters happy and bright.”

He took off his helmet with peacock crest,
loosed his sword of bronze and pearl.
His jerkin of amber and silver and brocade,
he lay them all at the feet of the girl.

And he thought of his errand and he thought of his Queen;
duty said he should leave and ride back.
But he was sick from his labours and it had been so long
since a girl had smiled at him like that.

Naked he bathed in the waterfall,
and then the nymph invited him to rest.
And in the sunshine and shade by the water
she placed an emerald on his breast.

And he remembered his youth and his laughter;
he let the girl take him where she would.
And the nymph delighted in her handsome man;
and soon they slept by the pool in the wood.