14 poems for 14 days of getting better

These videos are a project of offering a gift to anyone in isolation. 14 poems with various helpful messages. Hope it’s good for a smile and maybe give you something to think about.


This package of poems is my little gift for anyone suffering due to the Corona virus pandemic. When I heard about people having to be isolated for 14 days I wondered what I could do to help the situation? I decided to record 14 videos, with me chatting and then reciting one of my original poems in each one. I will release them every 2 or 3 days. I hope this will give a little light relief for anyone who needs it.

The Ghost of Worry and the Spirit of Adventure

A poem inspired by my inability to remember a poem! I discovered I was so focused on the fear I had forgotten to feel the excitement. I was listening to the Ghost of Worry when I could have been inspired by the Spirit of Adventure!

Warm Hand

Where a marriage is saved through the power of gratitude and a relationship spanning the ages is revealed!

Imperfections meet

There is nothing that is not improved by mindfulness. Rubbing my wife’s feet with moisturiser can be a way of connecting through simple touch, and a reminder of what is truly important.

Guru Blues

When I was a Buddhist monk I had a Guru. It’s an ancient piece of spirituality that I misunderstood. I thought I was getting a spiritual Santa Claus who would give me lots of happiness and get rid of all that pesky suffering. But Guru’s don’t work like that…

Tales of the Rainbow Gnome

Our little story of struggle in the midst of the great pandemic may not seem like much, but emotionally it is as epic a journey as anything you can imagine. That’s why artists and story tellers create sagas and adventures, so we can give our inner world a canvas to express itself upon. This is the Hero’s Journey, and our story begins in a scary forest where we have met a most unusual character…

Constant Sea of Change

How I learnt about impermanence by constantly moving house. A mention of the only cat I ever really liked. More stuff about impermanence. Cameo appearance by my wife. Talk of whisky. “The strange will become the familiar, and what’s now familiar will soon seem strange. Everything shifts and becomes something else on the constant sea of change.” This poem has everything!


The power of imagination can make our time of isolation inspiring or devastating. Creativity is like magic: it can become almost anything, so choose wisely. This is the tale of a magician who came to respect the very thing that he thought he knew so well.

More to come!

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