Mindfulness Poet

The Mindfulness Poet is Brendan O’Shea. As well as loving writing and performing stories and poems he’s been a graphic designer, a Buddhist monk, a yoga teacher and a counsellor. “I have discovered that telling stories and poems creates a mindful space just like meditation and yoga does. When people get together to hear stories something special happens.”

As Brendan’s experience of mindfulness deepened over the years he saw how it helped him navigate life’s ups and downs. Every life has its challenges and being  aware of them is part of living in a healthy way.

How does it work?

“I have explored mindfulness as a meditator, through practicing yoga and used it as part of therapy. The methods vary but the end goal is the same: a clear and calm non-judgemental awareness of what is happening right now, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

When Brendan started listening to and performing poetry he noticed a wonderful thing: a type of mindfulness came about through the power of story telling. Quite simply, human beings are hard-wired to listen and tell stories. Story-telling is yet another way to come into a space of mindfulness. That’s why we enjoy certain stories and poems so much, they help us come into a relaxing and rejuvenating space of peace.

Poetry can help bring peace to the mind, take us into awareness of the body and it can connect us to deep emotions that bring passion and energy into our lives. Brendan’s poems are written to bring the listener into a clear, positive space where we can appreciate all the different flavours of life. Tasting that clarity helps us stay connected and mindful in daily life. And that helps us have the life we want.